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Request your G Suite discount coupon code below! It’s April 2019 and G Suite prices are going up April 2019! The price increase will affect both G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. G Suite Basic will increase from its monthly (flexible plan) base rate of $5 up to $6 and G Suite Business will increase from its monthly (flexible plan) base rate of $10 up to $12. Are you thinking about switching or signing up for Google G Suite Business or Google G Suite Basic? Do it now and choose an ANNUAL PLAN so that you lock in the pre-April lower price for a full year as well as get the benefit of our discount coupon code (see below) for the full year.

Is paid gmail worth it? Looking for a current G Suite Basic or G Suite Business coupon promo code? Before you sign-up for G Suite, read this. Is G Suite better than Office 365? We think so. You may be using Gmail or some other free Google services – these are great. But now you need to upgrade to G Suite, formerly Google Apps for Work. Get a free 14 day trial plus up to 50% off discount coupons and promotional codes from WSO.host. We have G Suite Basic codes available for United States (USA), Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. We have G Suite Business codes available for United States (USA) and Canada only.

Being able to use your own domain name with Gmail is a great feature and worth the money. That feature alone is reason enough to sign up or switch. There are other perks as well, like huge storage allotments and enhanced versions of all Google Apps. Remember, G Suite (Google Apps for Work) is an entire suite of applications and is great for large or small businesses, it’s not just eMail.

Use the simple form below to request a promotional discount code. We send the code via eMail, so you must submit a valid eMail address. We will never give or sell your contact info to anyone! Also keep in mind to choose the correct code type, either G Suite Business or G Suite Basic. Most people and small businesses need G Suite Basic, larger businesses or users with high capacity storage needs should sign up for G Suite Business.

G Suite Business codes available for US and Canada only. G Suite Basic available for all.

We eMail you the code - working eMail address required. We will never give your contact info to anyone else.


Here’s the G Suite Basic cost breakdown per month, per user (50% codes are not always available):

  • Standard w/no coupon: $5.00 per month
  • Annual w/no coupon: $4.17 per month
  • Annual w/WSO 20% off coupon code: $3.33 per month
  • Annual w/WSO half price 50% off coupon code: $2.09 per month (50% codes are not always available)

Coupon codes only work if you sign up for a G Suite (Google Apps for Work) trial though our unique partner link. We do not always have 50% off codes available but we’ll send you one if we do, otherwise we’ll send you our $10 off per user per year (20% off) coupon.

We offer basic setup support via eMail if you sign up for G Suite (Google Apps) through WSO’s basic partner program. There is no downside to signing up this way. The cost is the same (less if you use a unique WSO promo code) and you can eMail us if you have a question during the setup process. Otherwise you have no other point of contact during the process other than Google support, which can mean long wait times on hold and outsourced support personnel.

You get a full 14 days to try out G Suite (Google Apps for Work) through WSO for free, zero obligation.

To redeem the offer with our included basic eMail support:

  1. Sign up for G Suite (Google Apps for Work) completely free trial (link will open in a new tab)
  2. Test out the new services FREE for up to 14 days, no pre-payment
  3. Use the simple form above to receive your unique coupon code. If we have any 50% off codes available we will provide one (Google does not always make them available), otherwise a $10 off per user per year (20% off) code will be provided.
  4. During the 14 day free trial, create all of the users in G Suite you may need. Don’t just create your own G Suite user account during the trial and then pay thinking that you’ll set up others later. You only receive the discount for the coupon code when you initially pay. Create all the G Suite users you think you may need BEFORE you pay and use the discount promo code. Otherwise you’ll miss out on savings!
  5. Go to the G Suite (Google Apps) billing settings and choose the annual payment plan and enter the provided code when your trial ends or you are ready to pay. This will give you the most savings.

Our codes will only work if you sign up for the G Suite (Google Apps) trial using our unique partner link.

How does G Suite (Google Apps) work?

How do you sign up for G Suite? How does it work? When you sign-up to try G Suite you will be walked through a series of steps guiding you how to configure and make changes so that your eMail will begin to point and go through the Google Apps system. It is an easy guide to getting G Suite and Google Apps to work for you. If you’d like any additional help (and to also receive a free coupon code) please signup for your free trial using our Google G Suite Partner Link. Next fill out the form on this page (above) to request a discount coupon code from WSO.host. Keep in mind the code will only work if you sign up through our partner link. Finally, if you need help along the way, drop us a note.

Remember, the discount code will apply to all users, so be sure you add all users that you might need to your G Suite account and then apply the coupon when you pay so that you get the largest discount. Create all of the users you may need first during the 14 day free trial, then pay so that the coupon code discount applies to all of them. Otherwise you’ll miss out on savings!

After entering your coupon code during checkout, a note will confirm the coupon being applied. Since you are able to change the number of users in your account and the billing plan (flexible or annual), the actual amount of the discount will be reflected in the monthly billing, not on the screen where you enter the code.

For example, if you have one user, the flexible plan discount will reduce the cost to $4 per month instead of $5. For an even greater discount chose the annual plan and the cost will be reduced to $3.33 ($40 billed over the 12 months)!

Many people want to know how to compare G Suite vs Office 365. For most people G Suite is the better choice.

Additional Help and Information about G Suite Business, G Suite Basic and Google Apps for Work

Below are some very useful pages to help you get the most from G Suite (Google Apps for Work) once you are up and running.

Since you are the person setting up G Suite (Google Apps for Work), you are the G Suite Administrator. Take a look at the G Suite (Google Apps) Administrator Help Center.

When you or other G Suite (Google Apps) users in your organization have questions about using G Suite (Google Apps) take a look at the Google Apps Learning Center.