• Web Site Conversion

We can convert your regular web site to WordPress

Is your web site old and outdated? Do you need a way to be able to make changes to your site without contacting a developer or learning complicated software? Maybe converting your existing web site to WordPress is just what you need. We help people make the transition from their old regular HTML sites to modern WordPress sites. We assist with practical advice on how to best approach the project. Then we convert the actual content of your existing site allowing you to be part of the process, helping us add, delete and update the existing information as necessary. No technical expertise is needed on your part, we do the work and gather the information by asking you simple questions along the way. Most customers simply email text and image updates to us as we work through the conversion.

We can convert your dynamic web site to a regular web site

Do you have a web site created using blog or cms software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other similar software? Are you confused by the upgrades, patches and hacking attempts? Software like WordPress is fantastic for most web site needs, but occasionally it is simply not a good choice. What seemed like a good idea at the time may no longer be what you need. We’ve helped many clients convert from “dynamic” sites like these to simple more traditional web sites. This process can be tedious, error prone and time consuming if not done properly.

We can create a static copy of your current website

Do you need a static copy of your web site for offline use or archival purposes? Your current site will remain as-is but we will create a working static copy of your site that can be placed on a CD or archived in a zip file. Keep in mind this is not a trivial task. For example, WordPress web sites do not really exist as HTML pages like web sites you may be used to working with in the past. Web sites created with software such as WordPress will not work offline and creating a copy of the site is not straightforward. We can help.

Contact us for help

Please drop us a note with your web site address and your goals. We’ll contact you back with practical advice on converting your web site.