• Always-On SSL

What is Always-On SSL or HTTPS Everywhere?

The http part of a web site address indicates that it is a normal, unencrypted connection. A web address starting with https (notice the “s” added on) indicates the connection is encrypted. Always-On SSL means that from start to finish a web visitor will never leave https mode and all data passed between their web browser and your website will be fully encrypted. Even a sophisticated eavesdropper will not be able to listen in on the information.

Benefits of Always-On SSL from WSO

Even web sites that do not transmit sensitive data can benefit from Always-On SSL due to the trust it gives your visitors as well as the automatic Google SEO ranking boost.  The days of switching your web site in and out of secure mode (HTTPS) are over. With advancements in technology Always-On SSL is not only a reality, but a necessity these days.

The benefits are numerous:

  • Your site looks professional, secure, trustworthy
  • Fully encrypted browsing for your visitors
  • Enhanced sense of security for your visitors
  • Lock icon always lit in the browser
  • Automatic Google SEO ranking boost
  • 99.9% compatibility with all web browsers
  • Fully mobile and smartphone compatible
  • Latest back-end encryption software
  • Latest cutting edge tweaks for speed and security

How Can WSO help?

We know how to obtain the type of secure certificate that meets your goals of not only encryption, but customer trust. We know how to provision and install the secure certificate. We know how to properly convert your site into an Always-On SSL (HTTPS) web site with no downtime, no loss of SEO ranking, no broken internal links, no broken external links and no broken saved bookmarks.

We understand what can go wrong and how to avoid it.

How to Get Started?

Not only can we convert your site to Always-On SSL (also called HTTPS Everywhere), but we specialize in moving web sites away from terrible web hosts and domain registrations away from terrible registrars. We’ve been doing it since 1995. Drop us a note. Introduce yourself! We’ll respond with some sound advice based on what has worked for our thousands of clients over the years.