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Ezoic Best Adsense Revenue Increase

Are you wondering how to make more money with Google Adsense and improve your website revenue? As of November 2019, Ezoic can make you more ad revenue than using Adsense alone. Here’s is the best part, you don’t have to pay for Ezoic, it’s free! You do not need a credit card or spend any money to use Ezoic. You can even ease-in by splitting your ad traffic between Ezoic and Adsense in any percentage you wish. Ezoic acts like a partner. Your success is their success and it shows in their great customer service.

Increase Adsense Revenue Automated

Adsense is a closed advertising bidding system that works well, but markets works best when they are open. Ezoic delivers automated advertising on your website that beats Adsense but competing with Adsense! If an advertiser who pays through Adsense has the highest bid for an ad slot on your website, then Adsense wins but if an advertiser who pays through Ezoic has the highest bid, then Ezoic wins. The result is that you get paid more.

Ezoic is the best available option and the best available alternative to using Adsense alone. It is easy to configure and you will even be assigned a specific human contact who will help you with set up and tweak the system to earn you the most money.

Ezoic Makes You More Money

Ezoic also has paid plans with more options and features, but these are absolutely not required! It is free to use Ezoic and make more money than using Adsense by itself. Keep in mind, Ezoic is legit, they are a Google Certified Publishing Partner.